Candy Stations


Package Price start at $5.50 minimum of 50 Guest 


Each Package include Assortment of Apothecary Jar or Designer Vase or Oversize Cocktail Vase or Acrylic Container ♥ Scoop or Tongs ♥ Tray or Stand ♥    Coordinate Overlay or Table Runner Linen ♥ Theme Accessories or Tall “21” glass vase centerpiece w/light base ♥ Label and Ribbons ♥ Personalized Bag or Box



Sweet Package:  4 to 5 different candy include 1 chocolate 7 vase (up to 50 guests)

Honey Package: 6 to 7different candy include 2 chocolate 8 vase (50 to 75 guests)

Oh Sugar Package:  8 to 9 different candy include 3 chocolate 10 vase (75 to 125 guests)

Over 125 Guest Please call for price quote 




Optional Service

Buffet Attendants minimum of 2 hours $25 in hour


Upgrade Services

Customized Display Sign

Fresh Flowers


Balloon Arch or Column


Upgrade Desserts


 Cake Pop


Min Cup Cake

Personalize Desserts

Chocolate Covered Apple

 Chocolate Cover Pretzel or Popcorn

Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookie