Co-Branding Gift Collections


Do you want to increase your store gift card sales, expand your product line, and promote your business in a unique cost effective way. Our Branding Program can be the perfect fit for your business.


Gift Card & Product Co-Branding Program

 How does it work?

  • We will create specialty gift baskets for your business.
  • You get a sample to have at your store and pictures to have at your website.
  • We can also add your baskets to our site for a small service charge for each basket we sell on our sites.

 What is including in gift?

Your gift card or product alone with gourmet food, or gift items such as mugs, balloons, with personalized ribbon with your company name.

 What are some of the benefits in team up with us?

  • Adding a gift baskets to your gift card, will give them a higher perceived value to your gift recipient.
  • Co-branding your product it‘s excellent way for you to increase your sales, expand your services or product line thru your existing client.
  • Each gift recipient, become a great opportunity to gain new customer.
  • Its cost effect way to increase your sales and market your business all in one